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Distortion HB Book Cover FINAL.jpg

Paperback:      ISBN 978-1-80381-494-0

Hardback:       ISBN 978-1-80381-495-7

eBook:             eISBN 978-1-80381-496-4


Sensually charged and ambiguously romantic this novel examines how a courageous relationship can be formed and fought for by two unnamed characters. 


She has scoliosis.  He has facial disfigurement.  Both have experienced cruelty and rejection as they move through the world.


They wrestle for a private shared space, away from a world that has condemned them for being in their bodies, to try and forge a relationship, almost losing themselves when they confront their personal demons and challenge the distorted perception thrust upon them.  


From the physical landscape of their bodies to the visceral unravelling, marred by fear, they dig deep to comprehend the obstacles in their way, discovering a new set of truths which emerge from their bodies as they move closer together.

GHP TMOL Book Cover Final.jpg

Paperback:      ISBN 978-1-80381-031-7

Hardback:       ISBN 978-1780880556

eBook:             eISBN 978 178088 9 184


“I remember the nine words I said to you. They were not easy for me to say. I saw the impact of those words. I saw the impact on you as those words travelled from my mouth and floated into your ears. They were words, just words, each individual one so harmless, each individual one like a delicate sigh, like a shallow breath that we once shared. I remember those words, the moment they reached your ears; I saw a look upon your face that I did not ever want to see: I saw a woman devastated by the accumulation of some gentle sighs.”

An innovative fiction that charts the development and destruction of a relationship of an unnamed couple as they explore the complexities of their feelings in a series of revealing, deeply touching and sometimes troubling conversations. It engenders the reader to ‘listen’ in on the characters’ personal and intimate dialogue as they seek to unburden themselves to each other. This tender and moving novel is a detailed exploration of the emotional turmoil that lies behind the words of two people desperate for love but unable to make sense of the situation in which they find themselves.

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230421 Book Cover Humanitys Rage Final.jpg

Paperback:      ISBN 978-1-80381-446-9

eBook:             eISBN 978 1 84876 891 8


‘I was blind once; I did not question it

– I allowed myself to be blind…

and when I began to see – I closed my eyes.’


Written in a distinctive prose style, this fictional account is a powerful depiction of humanity personified. With a faltering hesitancy, an unnamed character expresses outrage at the lack of humanity in society and in ourselves, where ultimately the borders between self and society become indistinguishable. Are we the person, the humanity, which speaks of these concerns, or are we the concerns that are spoken about?

A searing critique of contemporary society, Humanity’s Rage Or How to Stop Blissful Ignorance and Start Worrying is a poignant exploration of man’s inhumanity to man, a thought-provoking book and a compassionate plea from the heart asking us all to reassess our world view when we look to our fellow humans’ suffering.

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